Finally the secrets of signing a Metal Recording Contract

"What all metal bands - whether it be Thrash Metal, Deathcore, Black Metal or even Rock bands should know"

While working at one of the worlds leading Independent metal record labels, I would see daily, literally 100’s of bands (some great, some amazing and many just terrible) submitting their demo cd just hoping for a break

It got me thinking…….

When we, or in fact any of the top metal record labels wanted to sign a band, we would actively seek them out ..we would come to them!!

What was the difference between the 100’s of bands daily that would submit their music to us and the rare lucky few that us and all the labels would practically chase after??


What did these bands do right, that pretty much 1000 bands a week got wrong?

There was something that they all got right that most bands will never figure out.

I decided enough was enough, if I could tell bands what they were doing wrong, they too would have a chance. 


You’re about to discover these secrets today:

Why should you listen to me?

I have been involved in the metal music industry for over 25 years, I have been hands on in the signing, developing, marketing and sales of some of your favorite metal bands for over the last 20 years, I don’t tell you this to brag, I am telling you because I want your band to have the benefit of my years of experience


You can now follow along my step by step course as I share all the secrets of successful metal bands worldwide 


Metal Label Secrets

It contains every single piece of information I discovered in the last 20 years, laid out in a clear and detailed, step-by-step format to guarantee results in the quickest amount of time.

There's nothing but hard hitting, proven techniques that I have personally seen 100‘s of bands use.

Here's just a tiny fraction of what you'll discover…

* The Biggest Myth  unsigned metal bands believe.
* What 99% of bands that get signed have in common. 
* The Number 1 reason bands getting offered a record deal fire their music business lawyer.
* What to expect when a label contacts you.
* How much money you can make as an extreme metal musician.
* Why and when to make a demo.
* Managers - when they work for you and when they can ruin your career.
* What 80% of all MAJOR label recordings artist have in common and what Independent record labels look for that’s EXACTLY the same.
* The importance of a publishing deal to you, your label and to your fans.
* What to focus your internet marketing on.
* “Friend adders” and how they can affect your social networking efforts.
* Demoing: do it yourself or a professional studio?

What's It Worth For You To Have An Music Industry Veteran Reveal The Truth And Finally Hand You A Proven System To Learn what every band that gets signed already knows?

Think about it… With the right information, your band too could grace the pages of Revolver, Decibel, Metal Maniacs all the metal press in fact!

I’ve done all the hard work compiling everything for you and putting it in an easy to follow blueprint that you can easily follow


Now you have a genuine chance to follow a proven system that has worked for so many bands in the past.


I can easily sell this information for well over $1000 considering what many music schools and seminars offer me.


Thanks to the reduced costs involved with doing business on the Internet and my sincere wish to HELP as many people as possible - I have decided to offer you immediate access to Metal Label Secrets (2 DVD set) for the reduced price of $89!

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Like I said earlier in this letter I want to help bands like yours out. Some people would charge hundreds for this information ,but I have seen so many bands in your shoes and I know how frustrating it can be starting out and not knowing how to move forward as a band.

There’s more!

If you’re one of the next 25 people to order Metal Label Secrets I am going to include a copy of the eBook “The Science of Getting Rich for Musicians”  this mind blowing book will change the way you look at the world forever, to put a value on this amazing book would be to sell it short, but just to help you get on your personal road to success I am willing to include this absolutely free.

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2) Leave this page now only to regret it forever. I don’t plan on selling this course for long before I move on to other music ventures

Even if you are only slightly into the idea of playing metal music for a living you shouldn’t think long and hard about your choice.

"Al Dawson builds inspiration with his vast knowledge and practical advice for an underground genre whose industry has yet to be fully understood. This has got to be the best investment for any extreme band trying to break into the scene or get signed. This DVD saves you time, money, and much heartache. Two horns up!"

-Aaron S. - Dominion of Hatred  

"I did learn a lot from this dvd, and I would encourage others to purchase this, because it does seem to have very vital information, a lot of bands I've known have followed these pitfalls that you warned of and have not accomplished anything........ That being said, I would have enjoyed if my band had seen this before we left, so that way I had less stress getting them to listen too me."

- Samael - Illius Mortis

"Hi Al,
 This is Sebastien  from the French metal band 13-digits (Sevres/Paris). I acknowledge good receipt of your dvd (really fast shipping, thx) and damn, this is awesome.
Thanks for all your advice. Your presentation really made sense to us and to what we are aiming to for the band's development in France and hopefully abroad!
We will probably purchase more from you later.

- Sebastien H.

Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed the DVD's.
I think if a band followed your advice, they would have a decent shot at "making it"
Money well spent, I'm sure it will help my band
Thanks again!"

- Todd S.

To your success in the music industry

-Al Dawson

Author of “Metal Label Secrets”